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We are... e-commerce of party dresses, bridal and accessories that was born with the mission of serving our customers withexclusive pieces, in conditionsimpeccable: process that starts from the choice of the piece itself to small reparos and cleaning. A way to unitetimeless taste, Theeco-friendly, a sustainability, bossa andaesthetic requirement, curated by businesswoman Cynthia Landsberger.

Thus, customers ofSee Dressgain the possibility of choosing the ideal dress, following the trend of awareness that we live in today, without, at any time, having toas your new parts. Furthermore, we believe in the success of therational investment, regardless of pocket size.


It's also about letting go of what was often used only once, and which ends up hanging around the house for birthdays. When this same piece can be sold to someone whowill have as a novelty, reversing values so that you can make a new purchase here, and that'sthis way we renovate a closet- and for all occasions.


A very important section for us is thewedding dresses.


For most women, this dress symbolizes the realization of a dream, but one that is usually super expensive and, even sadder: when the honeymoon returns, it is  forgotten in the back of a closet.
Our mission is to put an end to this old concept!

THESee Dressoffers a range of possibilities for this moment  to be real more often, for other demanding women, and for onemost affordable price.  

While browsing the site, it's practically impossible not to find something that doesyour heart beat faster. And when that happens, we will know that our work and mission are on track. 


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