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What do you need to know

1. Of Responsibility.


The pieces displayed on the website and on the @seedress Instagram account are, therefore, the sole responsibility of the respective owners/owners for the quality and authenticity of the pieces, with the administrator of the @seedress Instagram account and SEE DRESS website serving only as an exhibitor.


Before the exhibition, the pieces are meticulously analyzed and evaluated, in order to verify their state of conservation, being, after the referred act, and, before the exhibition, duly adhesived so that their quality is attested.


The pieces are exposed on the Instagram account @seedress and on the SEE DRESS website to the final consumer, with the necessary information, in a clear, ostensible manner, in accordance with the Brazilian legal system, as well as with the payment method information .


Any adjustment to the purchased part will be the sole responsibility of the consumer. Instagram @seedress in the District of São Paulo/SP, indicates the Laundress for full-service telephone +551199934-3068, located in São Paulo, however, any adjustment cost is the sole responsibility of the consumer.


If  consumidor (a) requests that @seedress perform the adjustment   of the purchased part, through its partner, all costs for carrying out the adjustment   will be settled by  consumidor(a), after prior approval of the values, and, with   due adjustment of the part and delivery to the consumer,   your return will not be accepted by SEE DRESS.



SEE DRESS undertakes to adopt the necessary measures to maintain the secrecy and security of the information and personal data of the account users, being established, however, that it will not be liable for any damages caused by the violation of the necessary security and secrecy measures by third parties that use public networks or the internet, subverting security systems to access user information.

2. Forms of Payment

The consumer may choose as payment method, credit/debit card, or even bank transfer, in the current account indicated below, held by the administrator of the SEE DRESS account.

The pieces will be forwarded for delivery to the consumer only after payment has been identified by the administrator of the SEE DRESS account.


The consumer must choose to pick up the item at the address indicated by the account administrator or send it by carrier/SEDEX (post office), however, any shipping costs (carrier or Sedex), outside the Comarca of São Paulo ( Greater São Paulo), will be the responsibility of the consumer/buyer.

3. Repentance and part return

As provided in article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code (law 8.078/1990), the consumer may withdraw from the purchase order, without any justification, within a period of up to 07 (seven) days of receipt of the however, the piece must be returned in its original packaging, unused and properly adhesive.


The refund, in case of regret of the purchase order, will occur in the same payment method chosen by the consumer, and will be requested after the identification of the return of the piece to the stock of the administrator of the Instagram account @seedress and its respective assessment.


If any defect in the piece is found, or signs of use, the piece will be returned to the consumer/purchaser at the address registered with the account administrator, with the cost of shipping being the responsibility of the consumer. .


Returning the item to the account administrator is the responsibility of the consumer, who must bear any costs, including postage.


For the pieces displayed for sale in liquidation, duly communicated to the consumer, returns will not be accepted, with the consumer being aware of the state and value of the piece purchased.


As indicated in this purchase policy, if the (a)  consumidor (a) requests that SEE DRESS perform the adjustment of the purchased part, after the adjustment is carried out, the return of the part will not be accepted .



4. Part delivery time

The negotiation will be concluded with the effective payment of the consumer and the delivery of the goods via Instagram @seedress within 7 working days, after confirmation of payment.


The Consumer is aware that SEE DRESS may use the Post Office services for the delivery of the parts, so that SEE DRESS undertakes to post the part on the correct date, but cannot guarantee its delivery on time. foreseen. In this sense, the consumer is aware that the Post Office is subject to: 

(i) Strike at any time resulting in non-delivery of the part;

(ii) Delay in the delivery of the part, due to deviation of goods, problems with the address, absence of a person to receive the package at the time of delivery, change of delivery times at any time.

5.General clauses


SEE DRESS is not responsible for any damage, injury or loss suffered by consumers due to failures in the internet, in the system or in the server used by consumers, or those resulting from conduct by third parties, acts of God or force majeure. SEE DRESS will also not be responsible for any virus that may attack consumer equipment as a result of accessing, using or browsing the Internet or as a result of transferring data, files, images, texts or audio.


In no case will SEE DRESS be liable for loss of profit or for any other damage and/or loss that the consumer may suffer due to negotiations carried out or not carried out through it, even if arising from the conduct of other users. from Instagram @seedress and website.


The simple inclusion of a garment in the shopping cart or requesting information on the SEE DRESS website does not imply the purchase or reservation of the garment.


SEE DRESS recommends that all transactions be carried out with caution and common sense.


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