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As provided in article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code (law 8.078/1990), the consumer may withdraw from the purchase order, without any justification, within a period of up to 07 (seven) days of receipt of the however, the piece must be returned in its original packaging, unused and properly adhesive.


The refund, in case of regret of the purchase order, will occur in the same payment method chosen by the consumer, and will be requested after identifying the return of the piece to the See Dress administrator's stock and its respective evaluation.


If any defect in the piece is found, or signs of use, the piece will be returned to the consumer/purchaser at the address registered with the account administrator, with the cost of shipping being the responsibility of the consumer. .


Returning the item to the account administrator is the responsibility of the consumer, who must bear any costs, including postage.


For the pieces exposed for sale in liquidation, duly communicated to the consumer, returns will not be accepted, being the consumer aware of the state and value of the piece purchased.


As indicated in this purchase policy, if the (a)  consumidor (a) requests that @seedress perform the adjustment of the purchased part, after the adjustment has been carried out, the return of the part will not be accepted .

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